Roll Roll Cotton Ball

This page is dedicated to the “Roll, Roll Cotton Ball” Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter (November 2010 – January 2011).  This is the first Bonnie Hunter mystery that I participated in while it was happening – and what a doozy of an introduction!

So, of course, I decided to be ambitious and do two at once. I mean, if you’re already doing one, what’s another at the same time? Right?!

Color Choice 1: Blues and Yellows

Color Choice 2: Pinks and Browns (Bonnie Hunter’s Original Color Choices)

And a little overlap: Greens in both!

RRCB Blues and Yellows

RRCB Pinks and Browns

RRCB Greens

Sorted and Ready!

Of course, after you pick out all the fabric you want to use, it’s time to cut and sew and iron and cut and sew and iron, and cut and sew … Well, you get the idea. :)

RRCB Cutting

RRCB Sewing

RRCB Ironing

RRCB More Cutting


Next you have to organize the pieces. I don’t know why, but even my scrappy quilts have to be organized, so I have to separate out all the little pieces and make sure that they are “scrappy” enough. My mother thinks you should throw everything into a brown paper bag and then just grab a piece as you need it. I still feel a little OCD about the whole thing.

RRCB Pieces

RRCB Organized Pieces

RRCB Organized

RRCB Back to the Ironing Board


Of course, the best part is when it all starts to come together and the blocks take shape. Since this was a mystery, it was a while before I even knew what was going to happen with all the pieces I had been working with over the past month.

RRCB String Neutrals

RRCB Block 1

RRCB Block 2

RRCB Putting it Together

More text here.

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