Quiltville Mysteries

**Please note that this page (and the linked pages) are a work in progress at the moment.**

This page is dedicated to the Quiltville Mysteries that I complete. I love Bonnie Hunter’s beautiful patterns and participating in her mystery challenge at the end of each year. Although I have not officially participated in all of them as they were happening, I still wanted to include the links here as I attempted each of them.

Some of the patterns can now only be found in her books, which you can order directly from her website – Quiltville – or from other vendors such as Amazon or the local quilt shop. They are excellent books with wonderful quilts and fantastic directions.

Although I will probably have several posts on my blog that will have similar information to what I put here, I wanted to dedicate an official page to these beautiful patterns.

By clicking on the pictures below, you can visit my page that is dedicated to each of the mysteries that I have completed.


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