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BOM – 3 Ways!

20 Nov

I have been participating in a local quilt store BOM for 4 (5?) years now and every year there are multiple colorways to pick from – but of course, I can never decide which one I want to do! They are all so pretty and fun, and the colors are always fantastic.

Last year (Oct. 2010 – Sept. 2011) the colorways included bright multi-color, Americana, and fall colors. Of course, I chose to put them all together, but I also added my own version – a Civil War reproduction in blue and brown.

All of the blocks utilize the Marti Mitchell templates and a finishing/setting pattern is also provided. Well, I rarely want the same quilt top for 4 different options, so I generally use the setting pattern given for one of the colorways and then find other options for the remaining sets of blocks.

Brights BOM 2010-2011

Border and Extra Block

Above is the multi-color bright quilt option. That corner block in the second picture is the one I added to the set since I needed 13 blocks and the BOM only provides 12.  It’s really big, so I can’t quite fit a the entire quilt into a picture. The setting pattern is from a book called Star-Studded Quilts by Roxanne Carter. The pattern is just the “Queen-Size Star-Studded Sampler.” I need a room just to dedicate to putting borders on quilts and then taking pictures of them. I guess we can all dream! :)

Americana BOM 2010-2011

Close up on Blocks

The Americana blocks are the ones I chose to use the actual finishing pattern provided by Marti Mitchell for this particular set of blocks. The finishing pattern is called “American Beauty” so I thought it appropriate that the Americana ones were completed this way. I love the blues and having a white floral border. But my favorite part of this particular setting is the thin red strip around each of the individual blocks. I think it makes the entire quilt pop just a little more.

Civil War Blue & Brown BOM 2010-2011

Zinger Blue Block

Above is the blue/brown Civil War reproduction fabric version. This one is much smaller than the other two – more of a twin size instead of a queen or king. The large blue vine print worked out awesome with the blocks, and I think the ones surrounded by the brown are just pretty. This particular setting pattern was a free download from Clothworks called “Hungarian Blue.”

I haven’t quite finished the fall colorway version yet – I somehow convinced myself to do a center medallion with hand applique… oh boy. But, as you can see, I haven’t been idle this past month.


Red Hot RRCB

20 Nov

So… I haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t been idle. So I’m going to try and make several posts over the next few days. First though, I want to show you my Red Hot Roll, Roll Cotton Ball Quilt top.

This project was a mystery quilt on Bonnie Hunters Quiltville website. She has awesome mystery quilts and I was very excited about this one. I chose to do it in two color ways and the one below showcases my own choices. (The other one – not done yet – is closer to the colors that were part of the original mystery.)

Let me take you through the process…

Ready for sewing!

Above you can see the pieces in my plastic container, just waiting for me to put them together. I tend to sort everything and get an assembly line going so that it’s easier to finish.

RRCB Blocks

Do you see that top block on the right? This was the block that made me think this mystery quilt was going to be so ugly because of the colors I chose!!! That yellow was absolutely hideous next to the blue in that single block. You can also see some of the alternate string blocks to the left. This was my first time to make string blocks, so that was a bit of a challenge.

On the Ironing Board

The picture above has a few of the rows as I’m putting them together!

Halfway Point

This is the halfway point of the quilt. You can see the alternate string blocks and setting triangles. That ugly block is starting to blend once I put it all together. Whew… I was really worried about it for a while!

Red Hot RRCB Finished ... Finally!

And here it is! Finished finally. it’s a beauty. Very bright with all the yellow.

The Border

And a close up of the border – that’s my favorite part.

So this mystery was actually started in November of 2010. It took me a year to finish the quilt top and I still have the second one cut out and waiting to be pieced together. Hopefully I’ll have it to show soon as well.


What happened?!

19 Oct

Okay, so remember those cheddar star blocks and then the multi-colored ancient tile blocks?

Finished Top August 2011

Ta Da! Isn’t it a beauty? It really looks great against this antique furniture, blends in perfectly. Here is a close up of some of the blocks.

And for a really fun little treat, I recently enrolled in a BOM from the Homestead Hearth quilt shop called “Are you Kidding Me?” – you just have to LOVE that title!

Here is the first block that I completed for September!

Look at those crazy little nine patches! There are 16 nine patches in each block and there will be 16 blocks total! I know, it’s insane, but very fun to put together.


Finally – it’s Blue & White!

23 Aug

Most of my friends and family know that I love blue – it’s my favorite color. I do a blue and white Christmas every year and I tend to gravitate to the blues. However, it’s taken me a long time to put together a blue and white quilt, but…

Blue and White Dreamcatcher 2011

… when I finally put one together it ended up being massive! This is a king size quilt and I think it has over 60 different blues in it (that doesn’t include the whites with blue on them!).

Corner of the Blue and White Dreamcatcher

I can’t wait to have this quilted and then place it on my own bed!


Ancient Tiles

11 Aug

Remember that scrappy cheddar ohio star a couple of posts back? Right… And I said that it would be set with an alternate block called “ancient tile” but that I didn’t have any made yet. Well, guess what?

Ancient Tile 1 Block

This was my first one that I made. This is such a super-easy block since it has no HSTs (half-square triangles) to deal with! I have to admit that it’s nice just working with squares and rectangles for once.

Ancient Tile Block 2


As you can see, I got on a roll here and before long…

Ancient Tiles in a Row

I really think this block is one of the easiest to make. I am using Civil War reproduction fabrics for this first run and having a blast with the color combinations. I had actually pulled this fabric for another quilt that I’m working on, but since both are scrappy and require only small pieces, my fat quarters can go a long way! Speaking of which, another plus to this particular project is that I’m using only my own stash to create it. *gasp* That’s right! I didn’t buy a single piece of fabric for this quilt top and instead I am using up pieces that I already have – not that it’s making much of a dent in my stash, but I keep hoping. :)


Mystery Quilt!

09 Aug

It’s no secret that I enjoy completing mystery quilts. I always think it’s fun to do something and just trust that the end product will work out. I have been trying to complete the Quiltville mystery quilts for a while now (still working on that Roll, Roll Cotton Ball – grrr!) but I saw this mystery in the Quiltmaker magazine and I actually managed to keep up with it and complete the steps before the next issue came out.

"Secret Window" Quiltmaker Mystery Quilt 2011

The quilt pattern is called “Secret Window” designed by Debbie Caffrey. It can be found in the May/June, July/August, and September/October 2011 issues of the Quiltmaker magazine.

Here is a closer picture of the border and blocks:

Corner of "Secret Window" 2011

My favorite thing about this quilt is the white and blue fabric on the large outer border. It is really sweet with flowers and butterflies.

One thing I did learn by completing this mystery quilt is if directional fabrics bother you in your quilts if they are not all going the same way than don’t buy directional fabrics for a mystery quilt! I confess to being a little OCD, and you’d probably never really notice it at all unless you were looking for it in this quilt. All-in-all, I am very happy with the way this turned out. I think it’s a keeper.


Christmas in August

08 Aug

Merry Christmas folks!

Yeah, I know it’s usually “Christmas in July” but as usual I’m running a little behind. Still, the title is appropriate since I am posting pictures of my version of the “Christmas Lights” quilt pattern. This was a mystery quilt featured in the Quiltmaker magazine.

My version is made with 'mostly' Civil War Reproduction fabrics.

In the original sample everything is really scrappy sot that it’s more like a Christmas tree with lights, but I did mine much more uniform.

Funny Story (but true): I had placed an order for some other fabric and somehow got lucky with an extra piece. At the same time I was looking through some magazines and saw this mystery quilt and thought – hey, this piece would be perfect! So I actually built the quilt around one specific free piece of fabric. :)

Which fabric was that, you ask. It was the dark maroon fabric with the leaves and berries. Here is a close up. You can see the fabric used in the blocks on the “almost-a-square” frames and also the first inner border of the quilt.

Close up of borders - Mitering 3 at once was a trick!

Okay, one more picture! Below is a close up of the blocks. All the blocks are set on point, but it was a very simple quilt to do. (Confession: I did have to undo a couple of blocks that I had turned the wrong way. The lesson here is to double check the orientation BEFORE you sew!)

Close-up of the Blocks

I am still working on the Cheddar Ohio stars as well as a couple of other projects. The fun just never ends.


Scrappy Time

07 Aug

Alright, so I have recently been posting some completed quilt tops, but I am still working on several projects that haven’t reached that stage yet. Here is my just finished block for a new project.

9 inch Ohio Star block with scrappy Cheddar material

You can see from the stack on the left that there are many more to make for this project.

As a side note, the above project was inspired by the September/October Quiltmaker magazine. The cheddar stars will be the alternate block to go with Bonnie Hunter’s scrap column block – Antique Tile. Sorry I don’t have one of those to show yet – still in the gathering material stages.

However, here is a fun quilt in two color versions!

Double Delight Mystery Quilt - Pink, Brown, Cheddar, & Blue

Double Delight Mystery Quilt - Cheddar, Purple, & Green

So both of the quilts use the same pattern – obviously. The pattern is called Double Delight and can be found on the Quiltville website. It was great making both tops, and even if I do say so myself, they came out beautifully. Bonnie Hunter has amazing designs!

Of course, now you see why I have leftover cheddar material scraps… :)


More quilts!

06 Aug

Well, even though I haven’t blogged recently, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy busy busy!

For example, I finished these two quilt tops which were the 2008-2009 BOMs at my local quilt shop. they are the same quilt, but the first one features Civil War Reproduction fabric and the second one has more of a Hawaiian floral theme.

2008-2009 BOM

2008-2009 BOM

“One of these things is not like the other…” Can you find the oddball block on the Floral quilt?

These quilts are really huge too, but very pretty. They are from a Marti Mitchell BOM pattern and as I said my local quilt shop offered both color ways. As usual, I couldn’t decide which I liked more, so you guessed it, I signed up for both! Truthfully, it’s pretty easy to complete two blocks when they are the same, so it doesn’t take that much more time.

But, enough for now! Have to save some news and pictures for tomorrow.


I’m Back!!!!

05 Aug

So it’s been FOREVER since I’ve actually blogged. I am going to make an effort to be better about that. But…

Here are some pictures of recently finished projects!!

Check out these cute furries!

And another…

Quilt Challenge 2010-2011