Orca Bay – Getting Closer

05 Jan

Alright, I’m still not caught up – but I do feel like I’ve accomplished something on this quilt top.

Here is a picture of all my ohio star blocks:

This is Part 6 of the Mystery Quilt - the Ohio Star Blocks.

You can also see that I’ve started the red strip pieced blocks, but I am nowhere near finished with those. In the small pink container on the side are the little triangle wings that go with the red strip triangles.

So far I’ve completed the following:

Part 1: 224 QSTs

Part 2: 72 Blue strip-pieced 3.5″ squares

Part 3: 350 HSTs

Part 4: 64 Red strip-pieced 5.5″ squares cut into triangles (update: 1/12/12)

Part 5: Black wing triangles added to the 350 HSTs from part 3 (That’s another 700 triangles!)

Part 6: 56 Ohio Star Blocks – 28 with neutral background/28 with black background

Part 7: Actually several mini-parts…

  • Add wing triangles (Part 5) to the Red strip-pieced triangles (Part 4)
  • Make 4 extra wing triangles
  • Make 100 wing triangles into 3.5″ squares using neutral triangles
  • Make 2 Hourglass units that are 3.5″ squares


Part 8: Put it all together!

I took another picture with the blue strip-pieced blocks added on top of the Ohio Star blocks just to see what the colors will look like:

Oh the pretty colors!

Well, I’ve done 5 out of the 8 parts – so that’s more than half… :) It’s such a beautiful quilt and pattern. I can’t wait to have it all done, especially after seeing some of the other color choices and ideas other quilters had. You can check them out at the linkup on Quiltville.

I’m hoping that there will be an opportunity to post a “finished” picture, but I may not have the top completed in time for that. Still, I think it will be neat to see what other people have accomplished.


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  1. Kathy Strawson

    January 6, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    Your quilt is going to be sharp and stunning. Well done.

  2. Kate

    January 7, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Hi – thanks for leaving a note on my blog!! Glad you like the cat/reader photo – enjoy! Your OB is gorgeous – really bright and great contrasts – can’t wait to watch it as it grows!! Kate the Quilting Professor