2011-2012 BOM

24 Nov

So my last post showed three different versions of the local quilt store BOM for 2010-2011. (Remember that I still have to finish the fall one!) But since that one is finished we’ve already started the new one. This year’s colorways are Red/Black/White and Blue/Green/Yellow. They are beautiful!

Again the blocks and finishing pattern are based on Marti Mitchell’s templates. I recently gave a set of the templates to my stepmom, and she loves them. I’m not sure that I would be the quilter that I am without these templates. I can’t praise them enough.

Here are pictures of the first two blocks in each colorway:

"Champagne Toast" - Block 1 Blue/Green/Yellow BOM 2011-2012

"Champagne Toast" - Block 1 Red/Black/White BOM 2011-2012

"Waltzing Together" - Block 2 Blue/Green/Yellow BOM 2011-2012

"Waltzing Together" - Block 2 Red/Black/White BOM 2011-2012


I usually do my own version and pick out my own colors so that I can use up some of the scraps in my stash, but I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to do this year. My mother suggested a blue and white Christmas version of this quilt. I may do that, but I should decide soon so that I can get caught up. :)


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