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2011-2012 BOM

24 Nov

So my last post showed three different versions of the local quilt store BOM for 2010-2011. (Remember that I still have to finish the fall one!) But since that one is finished we’ve already started the new one. This year’s colorways are Red/Black/White and Blue/Green/Yellow. They are beautiful!

Again the blocks and finishing pattern are based on Marti Mitchell’s templates. I recently gave a set of the templates to my stepmom, and she loves them. I’m not sure that I would be the quilter that I am without these templates. I can’t praise them enough.

Here are pictures of the first two blocks in each colorway:

"Champagne Toast" - Block 1 Blue/Green/Yellow BOM 2011-2012

"Champagne Toast" - Block 1 Red/Black/White BOM 2011-2012

"Waltzing Together" - Block 2 Blue/Green/Yellow BOM 2011-2012

"Waltzing Together" - Block 2 Red/Black/White BOM 2011-2012


I usually do my own version and pick out my own colors so that I can use up some of the scraps in my stash, but I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to do this year. My mother suggested a blue and white Christmas version of this quilt. I may do that, but I should decide soon so that I can get caught up. :)


BOM – 3 Ways!

20 Nov

I have been participating in a local quilt store BOM for 4 (5?) years now and every year there are multiple colorways to pick from – but of course, I can never decide which one I want to do! They are all so pretty and fun, and the colors are always fantastic.

Last year (Oct. 2010 – Sept. 2011) the colorways included bright multi-color, Americana, and fall colors. Of course, I chose to put them all together, but I also added my own version – a Civil War reproduction in blue and brown.

All of the blocks utilize the Marti Mitchell templates and a finishing/setting pattern is also provided. Well, I rarely want the same quilt top for 4 different options, so I generally use the setting pattern given for one of the colorways and then find other options for the remaining sets of blocks.

Brights BOM 2010-2011

Border and Extra Block

Above is the multi-color bright quilt option. That corner block in the second picture is the one I added to the set since I needed 13 blocks and the BOM only provides 12.  It’s really big, so I can’t quite fit a the entire quilt into a picture. The setting pattern is from a book called Star-Studded Quilts by Roxanne Carter. The pattern is just the “Queen-Size Star-Studded Sampler.” I need a room just to dedicate to putting borders on quilts and then taking pictures of them. I guess we can all dream! :)

Americana BOM 2010-2011

Close up on Blocks

The Americana blocks are the ones I chose to use the actual finishing pattern provided by Marti Mitchell for this particular set of blocks. The finishing pattern is called “American Beauty” so I thought it appropriate that the Americana ones were completed this way. I love the blues and having a white floral border. But my favorite part of this particular setting is the thin red strip around each of the individual blocks. I think it makes the entire quilt pop just a little more.

Civil War Blue & Brown BOM 2010-2011

Zinger Blue Block

Above is the blue/brown Civil War reproduction fabric version. This one is much smaller than the other two – more of a twin size instead of a queen or king. The large blue vine print worked out awesome with the blocks, and I think the ones surrounded by the brown are just pretty. This particular setting pattern was a free download from Clothworks called “Hungarian Blue.”

I haven’t quite finished the fall colorway version yet – I somehow convinced myself to do a center medallion with hand applique… oh boy. But, as you can see, I haven’t been idle this past month.


Red Hot RRCB

20 Nov

So… I haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t been idle. So I’m going to try and make several posts over the next few days. First though, I want to show you my Red Hot Roll, Roll Cotton Ball Quilt top.

This project was a mystery quilt on Bonnie Hunters Quiltville website. She has awesome mystery quilts and I was very excited about this one. I chose to do it in two color ways and the one below showcases my own choices. (The other one – not done yet – is closer to the colors that were part of the original mystery.)

Let me take you through the process…

Ready for sewing!

Above you can see the pieces in my plastic container, just waiting for me to put them together. I tend to sort everything and get an assembly line going so that it’s easier to finish.

RRCB Blocks

Do you see that top block on the right? This was the block that made me think this mystery quilt was going to be so ugly because of the colors I chose!!! That yellow was absolutely hideous next to the blue in that single block. You can also see some of the alternate string blocks to the left. This was my first time to make string blocks, so that was a bit of a challenge.

On the Ironing Board

The picture above has a few of the rows as I’m putting them together!

Halfway Point

This is the halfway point of the quilt. You can see the alternate string blocks and setting triangles. That ugly block is starting to blend once I put it all together. Whew… I was really worried about it for a while!

Red Hot RRCB Finished ... Finally!

And here it is! Finished finally. it’s a beauty. Very bright with all the yellow.

The Border

And a close up of the border – that’s my favorite part.

So this mystery was actually started in November of 2010. It took me a year to finish the quilt top and I still have the second one cut out and waiting to be pieced together. Hopefully I’ll have it to show soon as well.