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Black Friday

26 Nov

Watch out! It’s Black Friday. Honestly, I’m trying to avoid the crowds. I think I’ll pay the extra money if it means not fighting with people in the stores today.  So instead I am home ironing and cutting out pieces for a quilt top. I am actually going to try my hand at ironing on a memory tag to the quilt that I made for my grandpa.

It’s really been a great couple of days for working on projects. I’m hoping to get more accomplished today and the next couple so that I have some fun things to show at the next “Show and Tell” at the local quilt store.


Happy Turkey Day!

25 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving, so good food, family and friends. There is no better combination. I am also planning on finishing the binding on the flannel quilt for my grandfather. I’m halfway finished as of last night, and then my fingers got tired. Still, it will be good to have it finished. I promise to take pictures and add them to this post later today!

(Above: A picture of the flannel quilt. This quilt is very soft and warm!)

(Below: A close up of the Star quilting pattern.)

Yay! Mission Accomplished – the flannel quilt is now completely bound and while my fingers are sore, I’m ecstatic that it’s actually finished. It’s my first quilt to be completely done. (Confession: I have several quilts that are quilted but just don’t have binding on them yet! *Gasp*)

Now I’m working on a Pineapple Blossom (also a pattern from quilt using red and green Christmas fabric. Since I do a blue and white Christmas, I guess that this quilt will be “stolen” which is alright. I think it will be very pretty though. :)

And, as a bonus, the way the blocks are being made and cut gives me these extra pieces for a fun surprise quilt!


Odds and Ends

24 Nov

Today I am finishing up some odds and ends on projects.  I am cutting and sewing the binding onto two quilts – the flannel one for my grandfather and the the rose quilt for my grandmother. So close to finished! :)

I confess that I hate doing the binding already. I don’t mind sewing it on the quilt but having to hand stitch it onto the backside is slow and boring. I definitely prefer the piecing process and picking out the colors for a project to hand-quilting or stitching the binding. Still, it must be done to finish the project!


Mystery Quilt

21 Nov

It’s fitting that I start this blog by saying that this weekend I’m working on a Mystery Quilt! This is the first mystery quilt that I’ve caught in the beginning so I’m fairly excited to see it unravel as I complete each step. I won’t actually know what happens at the end until I get there.

I’ve elected to do two versions of the Mystery Quilt. The quilt is called “Roll, Roll, Cotton Ball” and designed by Bonnie Hunter. If you are interested in the design, you can find the information for the mystery at

But, back to my two versions (since this blog is all about me :) ). I elected to do a pink/green/brown version as Bonnie Hunter has featured and also a yellow/green/blue version of my own. I’m curious how the yellow will end up because many of the reproduction yellows seem a bit obnoxious (sorry if you’re a yellow fan) but I keep getting drawn in by them. Maybe I’m just being very optimistic about how they will look on a quilt.

Here is a picture of the blue and yellow fabric that I am using for one version:

(The above blue and yellow make me think of blue skies with plenty of sunshine!)

And here is a picture of the pink and brown fabrics that Bonnie Hunter is recommending in her instructions:

(The pink and brown makes me think of chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!)

And finally the greens that I’m using in both versions:

(The green is of course the grass on a sunny day or the pretty leaves on the strawberries.)